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Large print bible

The Giant List of Large Print Bibles for Low Sight Seniors

This is probably the largest list of large print bibles ever collected. All bibles in this list use large type ...
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Best book reader for seniors needing large print

The Best Book Reader for Seniors Needing Large Print

I found two outstanding book readers for older eyes and shorter patience. Their fonts are big and they are simple ...
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10 Ways to Safely Climb Stairs, Get Into the Bath, Get off the Floor, Walk, Sit and Stand

10 Ways to Safely Climb Stairs, Get Into the Bath, Get off the Floor, Walk, Sit and Stand

Use a transport device to get Mom from room to room within the home. Get the device measurements before buying ...
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As you stand up, the Seat Assist offers a gentle push. Reverse these pictures for how to use the Seat Assist to sit down.

5 Reliable Devices that Help Someone to Stand Up (and one you should never use)

Now we have recliners called "lift chairs" that can transport you from sitting to standing up. We have cushions that ...
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Best magnifier floor stand top pick

Best Floor Lamp Vision Magnifier

My favorite magnifier floor lamp is the Brightech Lightview Pro. This is the magnifier that rolls on a wheel stand, ...
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Recommended companionship products and links

Best Robot Stuffed Doggie to Keep Mom or Dad Company

The best robotic dog to give seniors a sense of love and comfort is the Joy for All  Companion Pet ...
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Red light therapy for dementia: woman and man

Red Light Therapy for Dementia

Red Light Therapy (RLT) is the use of light for health. Several published studies show that RLT improves mood, memory, ...
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AngelSense Continuous Monitoring

How Can I Track My Parents’ Location Using AngelSense?

The best mom and dad tracker is the AngelSense. They ensure the parent is wearing the device before wandering off ...
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Grandma Gifts

Grandma Gift Finder

The ultimate grandma gift is this robot pet cat. All the affection, none of the poop or allergies ...
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Medical alert operator

Pinpoint the Medical Alert for Your Needs

Use the Senior Home Central exclusive search tool to find the right medical alert for your specific situation. Start selecting ...
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How Do I Choose a Rollator?

How to Choose a Rollator

Answer these questions to find a rollator that matches your needs ...
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An Apple Watch Heart Rate Guide for the Heart Bypass Patient

The Apple Watch Heart Rate App can monitor the bypass patient's heart rate and heart rhythm in real-time continuous mode ...
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Senior Companion volunteer and client at Catholic Charities

6 Ways for Seniors to Conquer Loneliness and Feel Connected

Learn how to have a pet without bringing an animal into the house. If you're in Florida, you can rent ...
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How Do Automatic Pill Dispensers Work?

How Do Automatic Pill Dispensers Work?

Using an automated pill dispenser, caregivers free up the time it takes to obtain, sort, organize and chart their patient's ...
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Blue weighted blanket

Should Seniors Use Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are safe. They help reduce anxiety. They can create a calm, peaceful feeling. Seniors can safely use weighted ...
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Senior phone check in service

What is a Senior Daily Check-In Service?

A senior daily check-in service calls a senior every day at a certain time. If the senior does not answer ...
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Protect your hips to protect your way of life.

How Preventing a Hip Fracture Can Save Your Life

I didn't realize how close we were to the end when yet another fall resulted in my aunt's broken hip ...
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Floor stand magnifier for reading

What are the Magnifier Choices for Reading?

A hands-free lighted magnifier allows you to hold the book while getting magnification and light for reading. Both floor stand ...
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"Free" Elder Care

Is Elder Helpers a Legitimate Organization?

Elder Helpers is a platform that matches volunteers with seniors. It is a great idea that I would endorse, but ...
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activities of daily living

Activities of Daily Living for Independent Seniors

Products and strategies for dressing, eating and getting through your day when limbs and brains are not working at top speed.
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best senior products

Best Senior Products

Aunt Caroline's best senior products. Gifts for mom, gifts for you.
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Respiratory health

Breathing Health

Specific and actionable methods to deal with memory using reminders and strategies.
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Caregivers for Independent Seniors

Ways to get help from agencies, volunteers, dedicated groups, and government programs.
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cleaning the home

Cleaning for Independent Seniors

How to clean with arthritis and weakness.
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emotional health

Emotional Health for Independent Seniors

Specific and actionable methods to deal with loneliness, depression, and self-care.
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fall prevention & detection

Fall Prevention for Independent Seniors

Falling is the most powerful enemy of independence. Aging in place experts have invented products and home layouts that reduce falls. You can help yourself too by removing bathroom rugs and using the stairwell handrail. Learn how to avoid falling to stay independent.
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Health Monitors

Health Monitors for Independent Seniors

You can measure vital signs such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate with relatively inexpensive devices available without prescription. Learn how to put a safety net under your health concerns by monitoring them at home.
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Hearing Devices for Independent Seniors

Gadgets and technology to enhance hearing and clarification.
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Hobbies for Independent Seniors

Hobbies can be as simple as taking walks, and are essential to emotional and sometimes physical well-being.
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Memory help

Memory Health for Independent Seniors

Specific and actionable methods to deal with memory using reminders and strategies.
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Mobility for Independent Seniors

Learn how to choose canes, crutches, walkers, rollators and scooters that make sense for your specific situation.
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Security for Independent Seniors

Cameras, alarms and strategies to stay safe from external threats.
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sleeping health

Sleep Health for Independent Seniors

The science and methods of good sleep.
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Vision Assistance for Independent Seniors

How to augment vision and touch to stay in one's home
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