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About Caroline Bogart

Caroline Bogart in 1967
Around 1967

Hello. I am Caroline Bogart. I am a programmer, writer, researcher, and web developer. I build free websites for animal rescues. I was once featured in the Boston Globe for teaching programming to out of work programmers so we could build a website for a homeless shelter.

Toby B., many years ago
Caroline Bogart., many years ago

Senior Home Central is About Personal Space

In my college dorm, I lived with other people. I wasn’t crazy about it. In my post-college housing, I rented a house with several people. I wasn’t crazy about that. When my husband and I were young, we lived in a ratty apartment building. It was the only place that would let me bring my dog. I really didn’t like that.

I said this then, and I’ll say it until my last day. “I need my personal space.I need quiet time to myself. I don’t like smelling other people’s cooking.”

Why I Don’t Downsize

I can see downsizing from our current home, but I can’t see sharing space with anyone but my husband. It’s not a question of liking people. It’s a question of wanting things “just so.”

Assisted Living Kills Personal Space Goals

So the prospect of moving into assisted living, or even an active community, just doesn’t appeal to me.

Toby at the beach in 1969
Caroline at the beach in 1969

I want to age at home, on my terms, in my space. I am a researcher and writer. I’ve taken a deep dive into how to age in place. What problems will I face? What solutions can I find? I share my research with you here on Senior Home Central.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope these articles help you — or your parents — live on your own terms, in your own home.