About Senior Home Central

Senior Home Central is dedicated to my beautiful mother, who was pretty good at being independent.

My mother moved to a condo when my father died. She decorated it with her usual amazing taste. The couple who bought it said they were blessed to have found such a beautifully decorated home.

When she had trouble walking, my mother picked out and purchased a rollator.

At the age of 76, she hired a personal trainer (who just by coincidence was a grammar school classmate of mine).

With her children 400 to 3,000 miles away, she sometimes worried about taking care of herself.

With each trip she made to the hospital, I made one to see her.

One time, I drove overnight, and got to the hospital at 5 am. My mother was looking at the nurse taking blood, so she was facing away from the hospital door.

I quietly sat down, without saying a word. When the nurse left, my mother turned. The grateful surprise I saw on her face makes me well up as I write this.

Mom looking beautiful
Mom looking beautiful

I wanted to be there for her. I promised her that she would never have to go to a “nursing home.” She said, “Thank you.”

This site is for two groups of people

First, there are those of us who want to stay independent of nursing and senior homes. We are getting older, maybe a little sicker, maybe a little weaker. We might need help, but we don’t want to live with other people to get that help. We like our personal space, and we don’t want to share it.

The second group is the adult children of seniors in the first group. You want to help your parents live a good life. But it’s not that easy.

Who will check in on them to see that they’re OK?

Who will take care of them if they get sick?

Senior Home Central is dedicated to my independent mother, to all the seniors who want to stay independent, and all the children who want to help them.

How I Created Senior Home Central

Senior Home Central is a “niche” website. I want to give you the best and most complete guide on how to stay independent at home while getting older. I learned how to make this website by taking the Income School Project 24 Course. If you’ve ever thought about creating a website to earn income, I highly recommend taking the Project 24 course!

Senior Home Central