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Unboxing My New Favorite Vacuum Cleaner, the Best Cordless Vac for Mom

"Did you buy me this vacuum cleaner?"
“Did you buy me this vacuum cleaner?”

I loved my Electrolux canister, but the days of it threatening to wrap around my ankles and kill me are over. I have a cordless stick vacuum with 1 hour 20 minutes of battery.

I got the Tineco Pure One S12 vacuum. I now use my Electrolux to clean out my Tineco dirt bin. I love this vacuum!

Safely Aging at Home Rule #1: Do Not Fall Down

As good as it is, the Electrolux has some downsides:

  • It’s heavy and bulky
  • It has a long hose that’s hard to carry and easy to trip over
  • It has a long cord that is easy to trip over
  • It’s especially awkward to use on the stairs
  • It smells of dog fur

What if I could switch out those negative features, but keep the power of my Electrolux?

It took some searching, but I did find the answer. It’s the Tineco Pure One S12.

Watch me using mine to vacuum the stairs with NO HOSE and NO WIRE to trip me up:

I Found a Lightweight, Powerful Cordless Vac

Have some dog fur
Have some dog fur

I set out to find a powerful lightweight cordless vacuum.

I found that most were underpowered and had poor battery runtimes.

Then I found the Tineco S12 Pure One.

I’ve had it for a year, and I’m still in love.

I didn’t get rid of the Electrolux, though.

It sits in the spare bedroom closet, plugged in, ready to clean the Tineco after each use. It still smells of dog fur.

The Tineco S12 beats the pants off Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners.

The S12 vacuums are lightweight, solid, and suck the fur right out of the carpet.

The Tineco S12 comes with a LOT of accessories!
The Tineco S12 comes with a LOT of accessories!

They don’t smell, because you empty the bagless canister after each use.

But if You Have Allergies?

In my opinion there’s a good reason to buy the Dyson, and that’s if you want a HEPA filtration for allergies.

My Tineco Pure One S12 is not HEPA, meaning that it’s not the ideal vacuum cleaner for someone with allergies.

For that, you want the Dyson Up 20 Animal Ball 2 HEPA cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It’s lightweight, and has a HEPA seal to prevent allergens from re-emerging from the vacuum cleaner back into the air. View the Dyson on Carolina Forest Vacuum & Sewing, they specialize in Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Unboxing My Tineco S12 Pure One Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Why I Love this Vacuum Cleaner for Old Women Like Me

  • A cordless vacuum gets rid of the canister vacuum hose and wire tripping hazards.
  • The Tineco S12 is a powerful, cordless vacuum cleaner. It converts to a handheld with ease.
  • It comes with a huge pile of attachments.
  • I pulls up dog hair. Then it pulls up more dog hair.

Amazing Battery Life

The amazing battery life and high quality components set it apart from the alternatives. The Tineco S12 comes with two batteries, each offering up to 50 minutes of runtime. Keep both batteries charged, and you can run the S12 for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Dirt Sensing Intelligence

The S12 models come with a dirt-sensing technology that ramps up and slows down the motor to meet the need. This technology allows the battery to last longer than any other vacuum I’ve studied.

Replaceable Batteries Keep the S12 Going for Years

Plus, these batteries are replaceable. When you buy a vacuum with a non-replaceable battery, the battery life becomes the machine’s weakest link. When the battery dies, you throw the machine away.

With Tineco S12’s battery design, if a battery dies, buy another one. This machine is meant to last for years.

Motorized Brush Head Gives it Power

The motorized brush head agitates the carpet to get out more sand and fur. The Tineco A11 motor is in the upper part of the machine, not the head. That’s why you want the S12 Pure One rather than the A11 Hero.

The S12 is Lightweight and Maneuverable

The S12 Pureone is 6.6 lb., it’s very easy to hold. The powered head is on a maneuverable joint that lets you clean around corners with just a flick of the wrist

The handheld detaches easily. It’s balanced and easy to carry. Use it on the stairs to have control over your surroundings, so you don’t fall.

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The S12 Has Headlights

I vacuum in the dark. Sometimes. I’m not kidding. If I don’t feel like turning on the closet light? I can still see.

S12 Headlights
I admit that I’ve cleaned my bedroom floor without bothering to turn on the lights. The headlights on this vacuum cleaner are that bright.

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