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Best and Mentioned Air Cleaners and Vacuums

How do you know if a vacuum or air cleaner is actually worth buying? I investigated the question in the two-part series below, and here’s what I found out:

What is the Best Allergy Device for Seniors? Part I: Air Cleaners

Are Certified Vacuums & Air Cleaners Better for Seniors? Part II

Certification can help determine if a manufacturer is seriously concerned about its air cleaner and vacuum engineering. But it’s probably as important for better breathing air to get a HEPA sealed and filtered device.

Air cleaner and vacuum certification are industry-created labels. The certification doesn’t come from a third party. Despite the possibility for bias, I observed that certfied air cleaners were good machines. The certified vacuum cleaners were a mixed lot of good and not as good machines.

I mentioned several products in those articles, and here is a list of them so that you don’t have to scour through the text to find the machines that interested you.

All Products Mentioned in the Allergy Articles

rabbit air minusa2 air puri
Rabbit Air MinusA2 HEPA air purifier: View and Check Price

Rabbit Air for germs: View and Check Price

levoit air h13
Levoit Air Purifier for Pet Dander and Smoke: View and Check Price
fellowes aeramax 300
Fellowes AeraMax 300 air purifier: View and Check Price
dyson pure cool tp04
Dyson Pure Cool TP04: View and Check Price
lg pureicare 360
LG PuriCare 360: View and Check Price

Best Certified Air Cleaner for Interior Decorator Moms

Best wall air cleaner
Best Air Purifier: The Rabbit hangs on the wall like a painting View and Check Price

If you have ever owned a decently sized air purifier, you know they take up a spot where you’d rather put a living room chair.

Air purifiers are traditionally bulky, large and in the way. That’s why you need to see the Rabbit Air, because you hang it flat on the wall and it filters out all the way to HEPA size particles.

The SPA-780N model cleans 800 square feet, has built-in HEPA filtration to really scrub the small particles, and includes a WiFi application so you can set it from your phone. This model removes cooking and smoke odors. Depending on your concerns, Rabbit Air also has models to remove germs.

rabbit air minusa2 air26This is the air purifier gift to get the mom who wants her house to look nice. The air purifier looks like a painting on the wall.

Check Odor Remover Rabbit Air Price

Check Germ Remover Rabbit Air Price

Best Certified Air Purifier for Removing Smoke and Pet Dander

The Levoit is small but cleans a 10x20 room
The Levoit is small but cleans a 10×20 room View and Check Price

This bedroom air purifier from Levoit is deceptively small. It takes up very little room but cleans an 215 square feet. That’s enough coverage for a 10 ft. x 20 ft. bedroom.

The Levoit specializes in removing smoke from cigarettes and wildfires. It excels at scrubbing pet dander rom the air.

I love this little guy, it’s powerful and cleans a room of air in 12 minutes. It’s a HEPA cleaner so it gets the tiniest of particles.

Check the Smoke Removing Levoit Air Purifier Price