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Best Bidet (to Wash and Prevent Falls) for Mom

If you dropped chocolate pudding on the floor, would you clean it up with a dry tissue? Of course not!

Rather than cleaning mom, let her clean herself with warm water on a warm seat on a toilet with a built in nightlight. Get her the Brondell Swash S1200 Luxury Bidet.

Using a bidet isn’t just more hygenic. The shower is a common place for nasty falls. When you remove the shower from the equation, you raise your chances of not falling.

Wash Yourself with a Stream of Warm, Aerated Water

brondell swash s1200 luxury bidet6The S1200 Luxury Bidet comes in elongated or round, so it’s likely to fit mom’s toilet. This bidet is specifically dedicated to women who need separate nozzles from back and front washing. The pipes are hygenic stainless steel. The system aerates fresh,warm water , the spray width is adjustable, and the seat is easy to install.

brondell swash s1200 luxury bidet5This is the gift I’d want if I needed help staying clean. It’s a necessary luxury. Check the latest price of the Brondell Swash Luxury bidet on

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