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Best Floor Lamp Vision Magnifier

Most of us struggle with vision as we get older. We buy eyeglasses and magnifying glasses just to read the mail. I spent hours going over the magnifying devices in this list to find the highest quality and easiest to use devices.

Best Floor Stand Magnifier and Light

Floor lamp magnifier for sewing
Floor lamp magnifier for sewing

My favorite magnifier floor lamp is the Brightech Lightview Pro. This is the magnifier that rolls on a wheel stand, has LED lights that don’t get hot, and a magnification factor of 1.75x or 2.25x.

Brightech magnifier in black
Brightech Lightview Pro with wheels, bright light, and a 4.5 in. diameter viewport

The 1.75x magnification translates to a 13 in. range. The 2.25x magnfication translates to a 15 in. range.

Brightech Lightview Pro floor stand magnifier
White Brightech Lightview Pro Magnifier Light

Where to Use the Britech Lightview

The Brightech is a hugely popular portable lamp and magnifier useful for seeing:

  • sewing
  • books
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • crafting
  • desk work
  • puzzles
  • cookbooks
  • maps
  • knitting
  • coins
  • stamps
  • letters
  • makeup

Why a Floor Lamp is the Best Design

Floor lamp magnifier for applying nail polish
Floor lamp magnifier for applying nail polish

This magnifying floor lamp is hands-free. When you’re reading, you can hold the book. When you’re knitting, you can hold the needles. You don’t have to hold the magnifier and the thing it’s magnifying at the same time.

This lamp is portable. It sits on a heavy base with casters allowing you to easily push it where it needs to go. You can share the lamp among a few chairs, or both at a library table and a reading area. The lamp has a ridiculously nice six-wheel base.

How the Brightech Pro is Better

Lamp settings increase contrast
Lamp settings increase contrast

The Brightech has a 4.5 in. wide diameter viewport, which is larger than most other floor lamp choices out there. With smaller viewports, you have to move the glass around to see all parts of the page, craft, or whatever object you’re magnifying.

While many magnifying lamps use plastic for the viewport, the Brightech uses genuine scratch-guarded diopter glass. Plastic loses its usefulness, but glass magnifies properly for years. This Brightech Pro LED model has a 20 year warranty. If Brightech can’t help you fix your lamp, they’ll send you a new one for free.

The LED light is bright and yet stays cool to the touch no matter how long you leave it on.

How to  Buy the Brightech Lightview Pro

Floor lamp magnifier for viewing coins
Floor lamp magnifier for viewing coins

The Brigtech Lightview Pro is an amazing floor lamp magnifier with features you can’t find in more expensive lamps.

  • Amazing quality with 20 year warranty.
  • You have both hands free to work using this light
  • This is a portable lamp with 6 wheels
  • You can use it to see sewing, detail work, and books
  • The magnification is large enough for lower vision people
  • The light is bright and can be adjusted downward
  • The LED lights stay cool
  • The glass is guaranteed and does not scratch
  • The gooseneck arm puts the magnifier where you need it

Use the button below to buy the Brightech Lightview Pro on Amazon:

Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp - Magnifier with Bright LED Light for Facials, Lash Extensions - Standing Mag Lamp for Sewing, Cross Stitch, Crafts
1,829 Reviews
Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp - Magnifier with Bright LED Light for Facials, Lash Extensions - Standing Mag Lamp for Sewing, Cross Stitch, Crafts
  • BIG, BRIGHT & DIMMABLE MAGNIFYING LIGHT TO SEE SMALL DETAILS EASILY: This magnifier lamp was designed to ease your close up focus, even with vision problems such as aging eyes or macular degeneration. This lamp includes a built in dimmer switch so you get exactly the right light. The 3" wide, diopter glass magnifying lens will magnify whatever you are working on up to 175%. The LED lights don't get hot so you can enjoy your hobbies comfortably.
  • COMFORT & EASE OF USE FOR PROFESSIONALS: HANDSFREE USE & SMOOTH ROLL EVEN ON BAD SURFACES: Free both hands to work thanks to the flexible arms and pivoting head get the light and lens right where you want it; the powerful springs then keep it in place. The 6 wheels roll easily, making it perfect for spas and salons, estheticians, dermatologists, beauticians, jewelers, tattoo artists, dentists etc. Facials lash extensions and other treatments are a cinch.
  • REVIEWS: GREAT FOR READING, SEWING, KNITTING, QUILTING, PUZZLES, CROCHET, CROSS STITCH etc: Reviewers say this light helps them enjoy hobbies by reducing eye strain and avoiding headaches. Plus they feel greater pride and achievement in as a result of more precise detail work. Beside those mentioned, soldering, painting (e.g. minis), woodworking, drawing, repair of small electronics and fly trying are other common uses.
  • REAL DIOPTER GLASS MAGNIFIES 1.75X & 20 YEAR LIFE LED LIGHTS FOR MAX DURABILITY - AVOID REPLACEMENT HASSLES - The genuine diopter glass means the lens doesn't warp with time or heat, and is also scratch resistant. So it lasts longer than cheap acrylic/plastic lenses. This model features 1.75X magnification with things in focus at a distance of 13 inches. The 9W & 800 lumen LED lights are built in and last 20,000 hours - about 20 years if you use the Brightech Lightview Pro 3 hours every day!
  • BRIGHTECH'S 3 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY: We proudly stand behind all of our products 100% and offer a full 3 year warranty. This will cover if the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within those 3 years.

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