Best Hard Seat Stand-Assist Devices

I chose the Carex UpLift and the SitnStand devices as the best devices for help sitting down and standing up from a hard chair.

Most Affordable Hard Chair Sit-Stand Device

Carex makes several sitting and standing assistance devices.

The UpLift is the clam-shell design with comfortable memory foam inside the washable cover.

carex uplift power seat

This device slowly closes as you sit, and slowly opens as you stand. It lifts you up without pushing you forward.

The manufacturer says to use the UpLift on armchairs and sofas. I would use this device on any hard chair, especially a chair with arms.

You can use the UpLift on a soft seat such as a sofa. I listed some other sit-stand devices for soft seating here: Best Soft Seat Stand-Assist Devices.

The one you get depends on how much leg muscle you have, and stability you need. The UpLift reduces the need for muscle strength by 70%.

The UpLift is safe for users between 80 lb. and 230 lb. The memory foam is washable. The unit uses a patented pneumatic lever to open the device. Patients at or under 85 lb. should NOT use this device.

Most Comfortable Hard Chair Sit-Stand Device

The SitnStand Smart Rising Seat fills with air to lift the user from a sitting to a standing position.

Air filled sitting and standing
Air filled sitting and standing

You can use it on a hard chair, sofa, recliner, wheelchair or rocking chair.

The seat you use it on has to have a back to drape the device over.

The SitnStand seat inflates to almost 8 inches tall over a span of 25 seconds. The motor is quiet so you can use it late a night when it’s quiet

The SitnStand is lightweight and comes with a carrying case. It has a rechargeable battery (comes with recharger) so there’s no wire to trip over during use. You do need to remember to recharge the battery every week.

You can remove the cover for washing, and the user can be up to 265 lb. Any height person can use it so long as their feet start out on the floor. Tall people should use taller chairs to avoid needing leg muscle.

Many users rave at how easy it is to operate and how comfortable it is to use.

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