Best Infrared Thermometer for Virus Infection

There are four types of thermometer, the most accurate being tympanic and certain types of forehead scanners. I researched over 30 thermometers to find the most accurate and well supported.

The best thermometer for no-touch fever monitoring is the Femometer Thermometer with the bright LCD display. This thermometer responds accurately within 1 second of aiming. The Amemo Thermometer is also FDA cleared, is just as accurate, and was a better price at the time of this publication so I included here for you to check the current price.

Check the Femometer Price on Amazon

Check the Amemo Price on Amazon

The Femometer has extra long lasting lithium batteries. I noticed a review in which the buyer was confused that standard AAA batteries do not fit the thermometer. The device does not take standard AAA batteries because those are not made from lithium. It takes LR03 AAA lithium rechargeable batteries.

The No Contact Virus Detector Thermometer

Is anyone still using thermometers requiring we touch one another? The Femometer is a very fast temperature monitor that requires absolutely no contact. It is easy to use even if the face is covered. It just needs a small piece of the forehead to get a measurement.

The Femometer is Easy to Read

femometer thermometer2This thermometer is easy to read even if you are not wearing your glasses. The numbers are bold and bright. The background is color coded for OK, Warning, and Emergency. Both Warning and Emergency show up in color and they trigger an audible alarm. There is no missing a high temperature with this device.

Use Object Mode to Measure Stuff Around the House

femometer thermometer3The Object Mode turns the thermometer into a household thermometer. Use it to test for temperature leaks at doors and windows, or to see if your phone is overheating. That is one of the reasons I like this thermometer. For the low price, you get a lot of functionality.

Use Memory Mode to Give Data to the Doctor

femometer thermometer7This is the thermometer with a memory mode that keeps a history of temperature readings. That is valuable data for a doctor who wants to determine how far along the illness has come.

How to Buy the Femometer Thermometer

This is a fast and accurate thermometer that takes exactly one second to find out if something is wrong or if there is a problem. Check the latest price for the Femometer Thermometer on Amazon.

Check Femometer Price on Amazon

Check the Amemo Price on Amazon

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