Best Senior Products

best products for seniors

If I can prevent one fall, I’ll have done my job. But I want to do more than that. I want everyone to stay upright when they’re walking, to stay safe when they’re lying down, to hear when people are speaking, and to cook when their sight is failing. I spent hours going over these products. I hope my research helps you and your family so that seniors can live safely in their own homes.

best cleaning products for seniors

Recommended Cleaning Products

The Electrolux works great, but the wire and hose are going to trip me up on the stairs. I researched vacuums that would not encourage a fall ...
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best fall prevention

Best Senior Fall Prevention Devices

Falling is the fastest path to the nursing home. Preventing falling is probably the most important thing you can do to stay in your own him ...
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best health monitors for seniors

Recommended Health Monitors

It's easier than ever to monitor heart health from home. Measure heart rhythm, heart rate, and blood oxygen with high-quality home devices ...
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Best memory aids for seniors

Recommended Memory Aids

We always say we're going to "write it down," but somehow that doesn't seem to happen. Here are hand-picked memory aids to remind us to take our meds and pull the boiling water off the stove ...
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best security products for seniors

Recommended Security Products

Good security is something you hope you never need, but you're so grateful if you do ...
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best mobility aids

Recommended Mobility Aids

The part of me that loves exercise wants to avoid mobility devices. The part of me that dislikes pain when I move is very interested in ways to move around without hurting myself. I spent scores of hours reseaching the recommended mobility devices here to help you  narrow down your choices ...
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best fall prevention

Best Fall Prevention Products

I spent hours finding the best products to prevent falls in the bathroom and the rest of the house ...
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