Best Shower Chairs for Seniors

I chose the Carex Universal Bath Seat with Back as the best shower chair for mom because it:

  • is extra stable so Mom feels safe
  • has non-slip feet so to prevent movement
  • is made of blow-molded plastic so it won’t rust
  • has built-in handles for support
  • is large enough for anyone up to 400 lb.
  • has leg adjustments to keep it flat on a shower floor
  • has a back for those needing support
  • has drainagle holes so it dries faster
  • fits together without the need of tools

Designs of Shower Seats for Mom

Shower seats come in plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and teak wood.

I avoid aluminum because it can corrode. Anodized aluminum can still corrode, it just takes longer than aluminum that’s not treated.

Plastic, teak and stainless steel are better as they don’t rust at all. Plastic and steel are functional, while teak wood is functional and attractive.

Backs and Arms for Sitting Down and Standing Up

The simplest shower seat is a 4-legged stool with no back or arms.

I prefer to see the most support in shower chairs, which is why I like the designs with backs and arms.

The backless, armless seats weigh less, and there’s less to dry off. The seats with backs and arms are more supportive when sitting down and standing up.

The arms on the Carex Universal with Back makes it much simpler and safer to sit down and to stand up. That’s why I like this bath seat. Check the price here (opens in new window).


Many Shower Seats are Out of Stock

I used to have “Best Budget Shower Seat” and “Most Attractive Shower Seat” categories, but with COVID there are too many shower seat choices that are out of stock.

See what’s available using these links to and Use these links to view your shower seat and bath transfer bench choices:

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