Best Soft Seat Stand-Assist Devices

The best couch assistance standing devices give you leverage and stability while you’re standing up from a sitting position.

These are for anyone who needs help sitting down or standing up. The Stand a Roo and the CouchCane are both excellent devices to help you stand up from a soft cushioned seat or couch.

Want to Go Straight to the Best Sit-Stand Assistance Devices?

The Stand Roo Stand Aid inserts under the couch cushion. Push on the bars to gain leverage when standing or sitting.
The Stand a Roo
The CouchCane tray
The CouchCane tray

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The Stand A Roo  is like adding chair arms to a couch seat. You push down for leverage to stand up.

The Best Two-Arm Couch Stand Assist Device

The STAND A ROO couch aid is a popular and very well-liked couch standing aid. You tuck its legs under the cushion, and the arms sit on either side of you. The cushion anchors the device to the couch for stability.

Using the Stand a Roo to stand up
Using the Stand a Roo to stand up

The Stand A Roo also has non-slip foam to keep it steady. It’s lightweight and is actually portable, so you can bring it with you to other people’s homes. The Stand A Roo works wherever the seat is soft and you can put the legs under the cushions. It works on beds, but does not work if the couch or chair has attached cushions rather than loose ones.

How to Buy the Stand a Roo Seat Assist

The Stand a Roo seat assist gives you both stability and portability in one product. Use the button below to view this sit-stand assistance device on Amazon.

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The Best One-Arm and Tray Couch Stand Assist Device

The Stander CouchCane
The Stander CouchCane

The CouchCane sits in front of the furniture. You can use it to pull yourself forward and then push yourself up. You can use both hands on the handle, but it  is not spaced the way the Stand a Roo arms are spaced.

In return for taking away the second arm, the CouchCane gives  you a tray for food or a laptop. The tray swivels out of the way or into place. The stand and tray heights  are adjustable.

If you don’t need to push on two arms, the Stander CouchCane gives you a stable one-arm device and a nice tray to boot.

The CouchCane foot sits under the couch or chair, putting the full weight of the furniture on the device.

It has a large handle to grasp when standing or sitting. The unit supports 250 lb.

The tray swivels onto your lap or out of the way. The tray height is adjustable to suit many types of people. Having said that, shorter people might not be able to adjust the handle low enough to suit their needs.

How to Buy the Stander CouchCane

The Stander CouchCane includes a tray for a computer or food. Its stability comes from its foot sitting under the couch or chair’s foot.

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