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Grandma Gift Finder

Mother’s Day… Birthday… visiting Grandma after a long absence… here are some awesome gifts to give Grandma to stimulate her mind, reminder her of your love, and to keep her safe.

Education Gifts

Give Grandma an educational course for Mother's Day

Learning an easy subject is one of the best ways to pass the time. Learning a difficult subject is a proven way to keep the brain sharp. We’ve picked courses for gifting that create careers and teach fun hobbies.

Give Grandma a computer course in building webistes
Give Grandma a computer course in building webistes

The Computer Skills courses teach keyboarding, PC repair, and workplace computer skills. The Web Design suite teaches how to create web pages, nuts and bolts courses in CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript. The Creative Writing suite includes beginner courses in writing and editing. Love someone who has always wanted to learn photography? Gift them the Photography suite so they can take three essential courses in digital photography. Or give them the WordPress Websites courses with both a beginner and an intermediate class in creating and maintaining their own website.

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Indoor Garden Gifts

Indoor gardening is a year round hobby
Indoor gardening is a year round hobby

Building an indoor garden is an incredibly satisfying way to stay in touch with nature. We’ve indoor Bonsai and the AeroGarden indoor gardening kits for the best grandma gifts. Grandma can grow bonsai trees to give as gifts. Believers say they are good fortune and bonsai symbolizes happiness. The AeroGarden is one of the best indoor gardening kits you can buy. The kit combines proven growing techniques with the satisfaction of growing your own veggies and flowers.

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Sewing & Fabric Gifts

Fabric and sewing gifts
Fabric and sewing gifts

Whether Grandma (or Grandpa!!) wants to learn how to sew or is already has skills, fabric and sewing machines make excellent Grandma Gifts. has sewing courses as well as billions of yards of fabric. Give these gifts to make quilts, clothing, handbags, blankets, curtains and baby clothes. Sewing Machines Plus is one of the internet’s best sewing machine stores. They carry every major brand, as well as thread, bobbins, and trollies.

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Audiobook Gifts

Give Grandma an audiobook
Give Grandma an audiobook

Audiobooks make excellent gifts for low-vision grandmas who can’t read as well as they used to. has thousands of audiobooks, as well as three gifting ideas. Use the “Give as Gift” button to send a gift certificate by email to your favorite grandma. You can give an AudioBooksNow suscription to keep Grandma up to her knees in reading material. And you can give Gift Certificates to redeem for audiobooks on the site.

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Medical Gifts

Give a medical aid such as the Hero pill dispenser
Give a medical aid such as the Hero pill dispenser

How’s the air quality at Grandma’s house? Could it be better? I recently bought two air purifiers when my husband had open heart surgery. The worst part of healing has been unexpected sneezing. Alen air purifiers automatically sense when the air needs more cleaning, and come with lifetime warranties.

Medication management becomes a huge hassle as we get older. If Grandma takes a lot of meds, she will love the Hero in-home medication manager. It’s one of the highest-rated and well-loved solutions for keeping meds sorted and ready for taking. It solves two of the biggest problems with medications: not taking them on time, and taking the wrong meds. The Hero medication manager is how you say “I love you, please take care” to your Grandma.

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Medical Alert Gifts

A medical alert button is a dedicated line from Grandma to a call center. The call center operators know who Grandma is, where she lives, who her contacts are, and even the combination to a locked box where there’s a an extra key to her home. The call center operator can give that info to emergency responders and can call designated caretakers to get Grandma help when she needs it. Alert1 is one of the oldest and most respected medical alert companies in America. Get a watch or pendant button from Alert1 for Grandma to use in emergencies and for when she needs help but can’t reach a phone.

Is someone checking in on Grandma every day? “I am fine” is a check-in service that makes a call to Grandma every day at a designated time. If she’s OK, that’s the end of the day’s work, but if she doesn’t answer? “I am fine” sends alerts to family, caregivers, or emergency services, based on your instructions on file. Make sure she’s OK every day, give her a subscription to “I am fine.”

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Emotional Support Gifts

We need emotional support the most when we lose friends and family to old age. But this is also a time when owning a pet is as difficult as it gets. Our arthritis prevents walking and cleaning up after live pets. That’s why Joy for All created the robot dogs and cats that feel like real pets. Scientifically tested in nursing homes to bring smiles, Joy for All cats purr and meow, and the dogs respond with loving motion to being petted. Joy for All robot pets are perfect for the Grandma who loves pets but cannot have them.

You’re shopping for Grandma because you love her, and she loves you back. Family is true joy for loving grandmas, not to mention endless sources of bragging and story telling. Want a HUGE impact gift for Grandma? Canvas on Demand prints photos onto high-quality canvas, metal and posters for maximum wall-space exposure. Give Grandma art-size family photos printed onto large canvases and framed for hanging in her home. Remind her of her family every time she looks around her living space.

Alpaca Beach Gifts offers loving, warm, fuzzy ways to say “I love you” to Grandma, Grandpa, grandkids, mom and dad. Everything is beach-alpaca-llama themed. They mugs, bags and blankets are too cute for words.

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Mobility Gifts

Does Grandma need help standing up or sitting down? What about help getting out of bed and staying in bed? You should know that not all bed rails are safe! The FDA has warned that long bedrails with multiple bars can be worse to use than not having a bedrail at all. This is because sleepy seniors can get confused during when they need to get up at night; the rail presents an unwanted obstacle in the dark. People have gotten severely injured trying to get through and over unwanted bedrails.

What’s a loving family to do? Get a small rail that does not get in the way of accessing the floor from the bed, but that still has strong stabilizing support for getting into and out of bed. That’s what CWI Medical offers in its bed rail you can buy on their site.

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Grandma Phone Gifts

Jitterbug makes flip phones for Grandmas who just don’t want to dive into today’s technology. These phones have large numbers for low-vision seniors, and simple cellular phone plans that cost very little compared to the major networks. Get Grandma a phone she’ll want to use for caling family and for emergencies at the Great Call website.

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