Health Monitors for Independent Seniors

Health Monitors
how to choose a pulse oximeter

How to Buy a Pulse Oximeter

A good pulse oximeter has a Perfusion Index (PI) and an OLED display with large numbers. The PI indicates if ...
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Which thermometer is the most accurate?

Which is the Most Accurate Thermometer I Can Buy?

A tympanic type, a digital type, and certain forehead scanner thermometers are all accurate. The differences among them are speed ...
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Can I Use a Pulse Oximeter to Check for COVID-19?

Can I Use a Pulse Oximeter to Check for COVID-19?

Yes, you can and you should use a pulse oximeter to check for COVID-19 symptoms, according to Doctors Christy Reisinger ...
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High risk seniors should watch for hypoxia.

Should Seniors Go to the Hospital with COVID-19 Symptoms?

If you are a senior with certain illnesses, Dr. Reisinger advises you to consider getting a pulse oximeter to test ...
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Senior checking AFib at home

How Can Seniors Check for AFib at Home?

To check your AFib at home, get an over-the-counter ECG (electrocardiogram), also known as a "home heart monitor." ...
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Fall Prevention and Detection

Best Fall Prevention Books & Info

Best Fall Prevention Books & Info
Books that give you a checklist of why, how and what to change in your home to prevent falling ...
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Best Bidets (to Wash and Prevent Falls)

The Tushy Spa Bidet makes it easy to wash after using the toilet
If you dropped chocolate pudding on the floor, would you clean it up with a dry tissue? Of course not! ...
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Best Toilet Stand-Assist Devices

Best toilet assistance frame
I definitely prefer the toilet frame design that sits on the floor, and not the one that sits on the ...
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Best Fall Prevention Products

best not falling help
I spent hours finding the best products to prevent falls in the bathroom and the rest of the house ...
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The MobileHelp Mobile Duo Medical Alert

A pendant button and the mobile devices it activates
The MobileHelp Mobile Duo medical alert is a discounted package that contains two of MobileHelp's Solo medical alert packages. It ...
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The MobileHelp Solo Medical Alert

Push the button on the mobile device or the pendant.
MobileCommunication PendantSignal PendantSignal WristFall DetectionLocation Detection The MobileHelp Solo is a mobile-only medical alert. It does not have a home ...
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The MobileHelp Duo Medical Alert

MobileHelp Home Away Duo Medical Alert
The MobileHelp Duo medical alert includes both a home base station and a mobile communication device. Both devices give you ...
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The MobileHelp Wired Medical Alert

MobileHelp Wired Medical Alert
Home Call Box Landline Signal Pendant Signal Wrist Fall DetectionThe MobileHelp Wired medical alert system provides emergency coverage in your ...
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The MobileHelp Classic Medical Alert

MobileHelp Classic Medical Alert
Home Call Box Home Cellular Fall Detection Pendant Signal Wrist Signal Medication Reminders The MobileHelp Classic medical alert system provides ...
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The Alert1 On-the-Go and Home Fall Detection Bundle

Alert1 bundle medical alert pendant
The Alert1 bundle is a combination of both the home and the away medical alerts. It's in the name: The ...
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The Alert1 Home Fall Detection Medical Alert

The home pendant automatically calls for help if you fall. (Fall detection technology is not yet perfected. Always press the button if you can, to be doubly sure the device calls Alert1 for help.)
The Alert1 Home Fall Detection is a home-only medical alert with fall detection ...
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The Alert1 Pro On-the-Go Fall Detection Medical Alert

The mobile device calls Alert1 over a cellular phone signal that Alert1 provides as part of the package.
The Alert1 Pro On-the-Go Fall Detection Medical Alert System communicates with Alert1 over a cellular device which is packaged as ...
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How Preventing a Hip Fracture Can Save Your Life

Protect your hips to protect your way of life.
I didn't realize how close we were to the end when yet another fall resulted in my aunt's broken hip ...
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10 Simple Aging in Place Ideas to Keep You Safe (with Pictures!)

10 Aging in Place Home Modifications to Keep You Safe
Grab bars, entrance ramps, removing rugs, moving the bedroom, stair lifts, elevators, shower seats, better lighting, pullout shelves and comfort ...
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Do Bed Alarms Prevent Falls?

Do Bed Exit Alarms Prevent Falls?
A bed alarm alerts a caregiver when the patient is getting up from bed, chair, or the toilet. Bed alarms ...
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How to Prevent Falls

Prevent hospital stays by preventing falling
Do balance, strength, and posture exercises to keep yourself strong and upright. De-clutter your home to avoid tripping. Re-arrange furniture ...
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