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How Can I Track My Parents’ Location Using AngelSense?

I wonder if my mother would have worn her GPS tracking device. She would not wear her medical alert pendant. If I needed to use a mom tracker today, I would get her a GPS tracker she always had on her in case she wandered.

The best mom and dad tracker is the AngelSense. They ensure the parent is wearing the device before wandering off. Nothing else matters if they do not have the device with them when they wander.

While there are GPS trackers to avoid, there are some good ones out there too. The easy part is finding a good GPS tracker. The hard part is making sure it is on mom or dad when needed. That is why I love the AngelSense.

Quick Note: To make it easier to follow, I talk about mom’s tracker throughout this article. Everything applies to dads, too.

Use AngelSense to Track Dementia Wanderers

The AngelSense tracker is a small GPS gadget you lock onto clothing, or onto any other fabric. The AngelSense literally locks into place. You need a magnetic key to unpin it. The idea is to make sure that mom has it on her if she wanders.

How the AngelSense Helps with Compliance

AngelSense GPS Tracker
AngelSense GPS Tracker

The AngelSense tracker comes with a wearable, lockable carrying sleeve. You can lock the sleeve to any fabric. Mom cannot remove the tracker without a key. If you are worried mom will remove the piece of clothing, you can get an optional belt. The belt locks around her waist. She cannot get it off without the key.

The easiest way to use the AngelSense is to pin it to mom’s clothing before she gets dressed. Put the AngelSense GPS tracker in a pocket. Push the pin up from inside the pocket. Place the lock cover over the pin. Give the clothing to mom to wear. Now she has a GPS tracker locked to the inside of her pocket. Here are some pictures showing you how to lock the AngelSense GPS tracker inside mom’s pocket.


AngelSense says that 90% of their customers get used to the tracker within the first 3 weeks. AngelSense says to expect an adjustment period. It could take as long as three weeks to get Mom used to her tracker. AngelSense explains that they want you to call them for advice at any point along the path.

AngelSense Uses GPS and Cell Phone Service

Mom’s AngelSense GPS tracker connects to the same satellite network you use to get directions on the phone. The GPS tracker device in her pocket sends out a “here I am” signal every few seconds. The satellites pick up the signal. It takes three satellites to “triangulate” on mom’s position.

You use the AngelSense app to look for mom’s signal. The AngelSense uses the cell phone to send you her location. The GPS tracker has a SIM card in it, just as a cell phone does.

Access to the GPS and cell phone network are why there is a monthly fee for the device. AngelSense takes care of the phone connection. You do not use your cell phone service.

AngelSense Battery Recharges Using a USB Plug

The AngelSense GPS has a rechargeable battery. The battery allows the device to be portable. Because it is sending out a “Here I am” signal every few seconds, the tracker’s battery loses its charge. You use a USB plug to charge the battery every day.

Track Mom on Your AngelSense Android or Apple App

AngelSense GPS Mom Tracker and Phone App
AngelSense GPS Mom Tracker and Phone App

After you get the AngelSense, download the Android or Apple AngelSense app. Use this app to find Mom on the map. After you download the app, you will pair the app with your AngelSense GPS tracker device. The AngelSense network then knows to send your mom’s GPS tracker data to the app on your phone.

AngelSense GPS Tracker Reviews

I went over to the AngelSense Android app page on Google Play. AngelSense GPS tracker has many more positive reviews than the other Mom Trackers I researched. I was pleasantly surprised at how happy people were with the AngelSense GPS tracker.

“We LOVE this device! It has been a lifesaver for us…”

“We could not possibly be happier customers.”

AngelSense customer service responded to all of the reviews. If the reviewer mentioned a problem, customer service asked the customer to contact them. If the review was favorable, customer service thanked the customer for their good word.

AngelSense Charges Once for the Device, AND A Recurring Fee for the Service

AngelSense Continuous Monitoring
AngelSense Continuous Monitoring

The AngelSense device costs $299, but when I looked (June 2021), it was on sale for $69. Therefore, there is that one-time fee for the device.

The recurring fee is for the SIM phone communication and GPS location detection. AngelSense charges are as follows (June 2021):

  • $53/month for a no-commitment connection. That comes out to $636 per year
  • A yearly commitment, paid monthly is $40/month, or $480/year
  • A yearly commitment that you pay up front is $33.33/month, or $400 per year

Using the AngelSense GeoFence to Trigger a Warning if Mom Wanders

A geo-fence is an area you define on the AngelSense map. If mom goes outside this “fence,” the AngelSense sends you an alert. When you setup your geo-fence, the AngelSense app helps you define the boundaries.

The software uses artificial intelligence to guess if mom is entering a dangerous place. It sends you a preventative alert if it calculates that she is putting herself near danger. In AngelSense’s patent for the GPS tracker, there is a citation for a Rockwell Automation patent “Systems and methods that evaluate distance to potential hazards utilizing overlapping sensing zones.” So the software includes this evaluation of potential hazards to warn you if mom’s location triggers a warning.

Call Mom or Just Listen in to Mom’s GP Tracker

AngelSense Intelligent Alerts
AngelSense Intelligent Alerts

You can use the AngelSense as a dedicated phone line or a listening device. In a two-way conversation, the GPS tracker acts like a Walkie Talkie. You and mom can hear each other. In listening mode, the AngelSense turns on its microphone. You can hear what it hears from your AngelSense phone app.

Mom Can Press an AngelSense “SOS” Button

The AngelSense GPS tracker has a button on it that Mom can press for help. The SOS button initiates an alarm on your phone app. When you open the alert, you see a map and address indicating to you where she is. AngelSense says it is still working on this feature. It is in “beta testing,” so it should be released soon.

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