activities of daily living

Activities of Daily Living for Independent Seniors

Products and strategies for dressing, eating and getting through your day when limbs and brains are not working at top ...
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Caregivers for Independent Seniors

Ways to get help from agencies, volunteers, dedicated groups, and government programs ...
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cleaning the home

Cleaning for Independent Seniors

How to clean with arthritis and weakness ...
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Hobbies for Independent Seniors

Hobbies can be as simple as taking walks, and are essential to emotional and sometimes physical well-being ...
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Mobility for Independent Seniors

Learn how to choose canes, crutches, walkers, rollators and scooters that make sense for your specific situation ...
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Security for Independent Seniors

Cameras, alarms and strategies to stay safe from external threats ...
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Activities of Daily Living

Which type of shower chair is best for seniors?

What Kind of Shower Chair Works Best for Seniors?

Sometimes just standing is hard to do. It can cause back pain and leg aches. You should not put a ...
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Cooking gadgets to maintain independence

36 Adaptive Kitchen Gadgets You Need to Keep You Independent

How do we continue to cook and eat with arthritis, weakness, tremors, low vision, low hearing, tremors, and forgetfulness? Learn ...
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Use a dressing stick to take off socks

Simple Devices to Help You with Pants, Shoes & Socks (pics)

Get sock, shoe and pants help using the Miracle Dressing Aid™, the Give Me a Hand, the dressing stick, the ...
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Is Senior Helpers a legitimate organization?

Is Senior Helpers a Legitimate Organization?

Some Senior Helpers locations have great reputations. Some have terrible reputations. Here's how you choose ...
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Senior phone check in service

What is a Senior Daily Check-In Service?

A senior daily check-in service calls a senior every day at a certain time. If the senior does not answer ...
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Instantly drop in on mom

Four Outstanding Ways to Use Alexa for the Elderly

Taking care of Mom or Dad is by far the hardest and most important job we have. But it's hard, ...
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"Free" Elder Care

Is Elder Helpers a Legitimate Organization?

Elder Helpers is a platform that matches volunteers with seniors. It is a great idea that I would endorse, but ...
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What to look for in vacuums for seniors

What to Look for in Vacuums for Seniors

The Pure ONE S12  from Tineco is the best battery-powered upright vacuum for carpeted stairs and floors. The Roborock S5 is ...
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MOOSOO headlights

Is the MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Good for Seniors?

The MOOSOO 17KPA works well on floors and carpets, but might have some quality issues ...
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The Tineco A11 Hero Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Is the Tineco A11 Hero Plus a Good Vacuum for Seniors?

The Tineco A11 Hero Plus is a high-quality vacuum clean that's better than a Dyson, but not as good as ...
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Cordless stick vacuum quiz

Cordless Stick Vacuum Quiz

Take this quiz to find the best cordless stick vacuum for you or your mom ...
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Best vacuum for mom

The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner I’d Buy for My Mom

The best cordless vacuum cleaner for senior moms is the Tineco Pure One S12 Standard vacuum cleaner. It's lightweight and ...
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Best vacuum for mom

How to Choose a Cordless Vacuum for Mom

Very few battery-operated vacuums are strong enough to really clean. One manufacturer has found the magic formula ...
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Leafy AeroGarden

What You Should Know About Buying Grandma an Indoor Garden

I have found the perfect gift for your grandma. If you've ever had a hard time buying grandma a gift, ...
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Sling patient transport

Use a Patient Transfer Device for Standing Assistance

A patient transport is a tall device on wheels that a caretaker uses to move the patient from place to ...
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Toilet Rail Assistance

How a Toilet Rail Helps You Sit and Stand in the Bathroom

A toilet rail is a metal frame surrounding the toilet that gives you stable arms to grasp and use for ...
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Use the arms for leverage as you push up with your legs

How a Couch Assist Helps You Stand Up from a Soft Chair or Couch

A couch assistance device gives you a set of arms to use for leverage when standing up. One type uses ...
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A seat assist on a hard chair

How a Seat Assist Helps You Stand Up from a Hard Chair

One type of gadget helps you to stand up from the couch, or cushioned chair. Another type of gadget helps ...
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Lift Chair Recliner with remote

How a Lift Chair Helps You Sit Down and Stand Up

When you sit down on a lift chair, you bend your legs less than when sitting on a regular chair ...
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How Do I Choose a Rollator?

How to Choose a Rollator

Answer these questions to find a rollator that matches your needs ...
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Travel Scooter

7 Things You Need to Know About Traveling with Your Mobility Scooter

You can bring your mobility scooter onto trains, planes, and buses, but there are limits around size, weight, and batteries ...
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Mobility Scooter

What You Ought to Know About Mobility Scooters Before Buying

I need to be off my feet for 6 weeks,, so I dove into mobility scooter world. It turns out ...
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As you stand up, the Seat Assist offers a gentle push. Reverse these pictures for how to use the Seat Assist to sit down.

5 Reliable Devices that Help Someone to Stand Up (and one you should never use)

Now we have recliners called "lift chairs" that can transport you from sitting to standing up. We have cushions that ...
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The Reolink Argus PT is a solar security camera with pan and tilt motions.

This is the Best 100% Wireless Cameras for Seniors

The best 100% wireless camera for seniors is the Reolink Argus PT, because: it uses solar power to run; it does not require you pull it down for recharging every four to 12 months; you can move the lens around (pan and tilt); it connects to your 2.4 GHz home Wifi signal; it has a built-in spotlight; it stores videos to an internal memory card; it allows you to replace its siren alarm with a recorded voice message.
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Instantly drop in on mom

Four Outstanding Ways to Use Alexa for the Elderly

Taking care of Mom or Dad is by far the hardest and most important job we have. But it's hard, time-consuming, and stressful. The Alexa smart home device is an amazing tool that can ease the burdens of caring for the elderly. Here are four outstanding ways to use Alexa.
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Security for the elderly living alone.

Security for the Elderly Living Alone

The single most effective way to protect an elderly person living alone is to make him or her an undesirable target. The best break-in is the one that never happens.
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Best Senior Products

Best activities of daily living products

Best Activities of Daily Living Devices for Seniors

The best devices and products for dressing, eating and washing ...
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Best Emotional Assistance Products

Best Emotional Assistance Products

Best products to help seniors with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other emotional needs ...
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best vision help

Best Vision Assistance Devices

The best devices to enhance failing vision ...
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best cleaning help

Best Cleaning Products

How to find cleaning devices that we can use with arthritis, weakness, and ailments of being older ...
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Grandma Gifts

Grandma Gift Finder

The ultimate grandma gift is this robot pet cat. All the affection, none of the poop or allergies ...
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best health monitors

Best Health Monitors

It's easier than ever to monitor heart health from home. Measure heart rhythm, heart rate, and blood oxygen with high-quality ...
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best hearing help

Best Hearing Aids

Bose Hearphones are just like any other earbuds, with one wonderful exception. These earbuds help you to understand conversations ...
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Best memory aids

Best Memory Aids

We always say we're going to "write it down," but somehow that doesn't seem to happen. Here are hand-picked memory ...
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best security ideas

Best Security Products

Good security is something you hope you never need, but you're grateful if you need it and do have it.  ...
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best mobility aids

Best Mobility Aids

Mobility devices help you get from Point A to Point B. They include canes, walkers, rollators and scooters. I spent ...
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best not falling help

Best Fall Prevention Products

I spent hours finding the best products to prevent falls in the bathroom and the rest of the house ...
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