Recommended Patient Transport

Recommended Patient Transfer Device

A patient transport device gives your caregiver a relatively simply way to move you from room to room. A well-designed patient transport gives you a solid feeling of stability and safety.
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Recommended Lift Chair

Recommended Lift Assist Recliner

The Pulaski Montreal Piedra is the top pick for a combination recliner and chair lift device. This chair helps you to stand and to sit by lifting up and forward, and then down and back. This is the lift chair with the battery backup but sells at the price of a chair without one.
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Recommended chair assistance devices

Recommended Couch and Chair Stand/Sit Assistance Devices

Getting up and sitting down can be difficult if your knees or back are hurting. Chair lift devices give you the ability to sit and stand with less effort.
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How Do I Choose a Rollator?

How to Choose a Rollator

Answer these questions to find a rollator that matches your needs.
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Travel Scooter

7 Things You Need to Know About Traveling with Your Mobility Scooter

You can bring your mobility scooter onto trains, planes, and buses, but there are limits around size, weight, and batteries.
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Mobility Scooter

What You Ought to Know About Mobility Scooters Before Buying

I need to be off my feet for 6 weeks,, so I dove into mobility scooter world. It turns out that answering some basic questions greatly helps narrow down your best mobility scooter choices.
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As you stand up, the Seat Assist offers a gentle push. Reverse these pictures for how to use the Seat Assist to sit down.

6 Reliable Devices that Help Someone to Stand Up

Do you have trouble getting to a standing or sitting position? Is an upcoming surgery prompting you to setup  bedroom on the first floor? A Lift Chair Recliner is a comfy recliner on steroids, ready to assist you in every area. Or use simpler devices that help with sitting standing, such as a Seat Assist, a Stand Assist, a Transport Stand Assist, a Toilet Safety Rail, and a Transfer Pole.
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10 Aging in Place Home Modifications to Keep You Safe

10 Simple Aging in Place Ideas to Keep You Safe (with Pictures!)

Grab bars, entrance ramps, removing rugs, moving the bedroom, stair lifts, elevators, shower seats, better lighting, pullout shelves and comfort height toilets.
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Join the Clean Butt Club Alert1 Protect your loved ones
MobileHelp Solo Annual Plan
JITTERBUG simple cell phone for seniors
AvaCare Medical Bed
AeroGarden - In-Home Garden System - $125 in Coupons
View this easy-to-use gas fire pit table
Hero medicine Dispenser
GPS Smart Soles for Wanderers
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