Recommended Couch and Chair Stand/Sit Assistance Devices

Recommended chair assistance devices

Getting up and sitting down can be difficult if your knees or back are hurting. Chair lift devices give you the ability to sit and stand with less effort.

Top Couch and Chair Stand Assist

Best Couch Stand Aid
Use the Roo to stand up from the couch.

If you have trouble standing up from a cushy couch, you might really like the Stand a Roo Couch Standing Aid. This Aid gives you arms on both sides to use your arms to push yourself up.

The Stand Roo Stand Aid inserts under the couch cushion. Push on the bars to gain leverage when standing or sitting.
The Roo gives you to stable arms so you can push up and off the couch

It stays steady with non-slip foam.

It’s lightweight and portable, so you can bring it with you to other people’s couches.

It works on any seat that has loose cushions.

You put the “legs” under the cushions. Your own weight keeps the legs underneath, whether when you’re sitting, or you’re pushing down on the assistance device arms.

Why You Should Get the Roo

  • it’s a portable device for any couch
  • is adjustable for any height
  • is a lightweight  yet strong device
  • has non-slip foam for extra security
  • is simple to use — place legs under couch cushion

Caution Using the Roo

The seating you’re using must have removable cushions for this device to work. The device sits under the cushions. Your weight holds it down.

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Top Chair Stand Assist

Carex Uplift Premium Seat Lift

The Carex Seat Assist is the top pick for help you stand from a chair. This is the chair assist with the gentle spring device that lifts you up and forward as you get up, giving you just enough lift to allow you to take it easy on your knees.

We’re more likely to lose knee function than just about any other. If you feel wobbly or your knees aren’t working, a chair assistance device helps you both sit down and stand up from a chair.

The Carex Seat Assist is both strong and steady.  A gentle spring device lifts as you stand. It’s like a soft, very gentle push. When you sit, your tush hits the care assist after only bending your knees a bit, so you save yourself from having to really bend to sit down.

As you stand up, the Seat Assist offers a gentle push. Reverse these pictures for how to use the Seat Assist to sit down.

The Carex seat Assist is made of memory foam. It makes even hard chairs really comfortable.

It’s also portable. You can take the Carex with you to your friends, your relatives, and to restaurants.

Why You Should Buy the Carex Chair Assist

  • it has comfortable memory foam for long sitting
  • you can use it on both sofas and chairs
  • it takes 70% of the lifting off your muscles and joints
  • it is designed for users up to 350 lb.
  • it gives you gentle lifting without pushing
  • the cover is washable and portable
  • you can take it with you, to the theater, for example
  • you can bring it outdoors
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