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Emotional Comfort
Woman holding robot dog
Many of us want to hold babies. The robot cat and dogs help fulfill the need the need to hug and love.

No matter how old we are, we never lose the need for touch and warmth.

It’s hard enough to get our needs met when we’re young and active. Getting the love and play we need as older adults seems that much harder.

That’s why I compiled this list of hand-picked products that bring genuine warmth and joy to our lives.

You might not have known how beautiful robots, puppets, and blankets can be.

These help us feel better when our emotional gas gauge is moving toward “empty.”

Top Weighted Blanket Pick for Seniors

Girl sleeping with 100% Cotton Starry Night weighted blanket
It looks like an ordinary blanket, but the Mosaic Weighted blanket makes you feel like you’re being hugged.

Laura LeMond has a sensory processing disorder. This disorder makes it difficult for her to experience the sense of touch. She hasn’t lost the need for touch that all human have. It’s just that she has an adverse reaction to it. Needing but not being able to get touch led her to invent her Mosaic Weighted Blanket.

Girl sleeping with Coolmax weighted blanket
Use a throw blanket size for hanging out on the couch. It’s better to go small than too large, as long as the blanket covers you.

The best weighted blanket for seniors is the Mosaic Navy Minky Weighted Blanket in either the “throw” or the “twin” size.  The “throw” comes in 8, 10 and 12 lbs. models The “twin” comes in 10, 12, 15, 18, and 20 lb. models. The exterior is super soft and comforting to the touch. The individual weighted squares sewn inside give you the feeling of being hugged.

The Mosaic weighted blankets come in very soft and comforting fabrics
The Mosaic weighted blankets come in very soft and comforting fabrics

The science behind weighted blankets is overwhelming. These are blankets that calm us when we’re stressed, and help us sleep when we’re lying awake at night.

The magic comes from the combination of a soft blanket exterior and an evenly-spaced weighting system inside.

The heaviness of the blanket tells the body “you’re being hugged.”

Feeling hugged under the Mosaic blanket produces the same endorphins we experience during an actual hug.

The weighted blanket really helps with sun downing, and the 5-8pm crying period some elders experience. “My mom says that she feels like someone is always touching her.”

— Laura Lemond, Mosaic Weighted Blankets

The blanket is especially useful for stressed seniors and seniors with insomnia. Using the blanket creates a calmness that lowers anxiety and helps us to fall asleep.

Affectionate Robot Dogs and Cats

Joy for All robot companion pets for seniors

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket for a Senior

Anyone from a child to a senior can use a weighted blanket, but seniors should take into account a few rules when choosing their weighted blanket. Pay attention to  these three features to make sure the blank is right for you (or your mom or dad):

  1. the blanket size
  2. the blanket weight
  3. incontinence protection
Girl sleeping with Minky blanket
Get a blanket that is no larger than the bed length and width, and no smaller than a throw size for covering up in a chair.

Just in general for the whole population, the general rule for the weighted blanket is buying one that is 10% of the user’s body weight.

If you weight 150 lb., get a 15 lb. blanket.

But if there are strength issues, it’s OK to choose a lighter weight blanket. You still get the benefits,

The Mosaic Minky weighted blanket in latte color
The Mosaic Minky weighted blanket in latte color

The maximum blanket size should be the width and length of the bed. It should not drape over the sites. That extra blanket doesn’t help the user, and adds weight overall.

Another option is a “throw blanket” size. Large enough to cuddle under, but smaller than the bed for couch it’s on.

Many people with king size beds will get a twin size weighted blanket to cover just the person, not the whole bed. A smaller blanket works well in a chair or on the couch, too.

Finally, think about washing the blanket in the case of accidents. The Mosaic “Hospital Grade” weight blanket protects the washable cover from accidents.


Hospital Grade weighted blanket for incontinent users
This is the Mosaic Hospital Grade weighted blanket for incontinent users

How to Buy the Mosaic Weighted Blanket

The Minky weighted blanket in navy blueClick to view the weighted Navy Minty comforting blanket at the Mosaic store here.

Top Robotic Pet Dog Pick for Seniors

Joy for All Golden Retrieve Robot Dog Toy
“Hi! I’m a good boy!”

If you love the feel of interacting with a dog but can’t have one anymore, the Joy for All robot dog might be just the thing you need. It’s sweet, it’s furry, and it has a personality.

The best robotic dog to give seniors a sense of love and comfort is the Joy for All  Companion Pet Golden Pup. The Golden Pup has been tested at nursing homes where it not only generated smiles, it also enhanced human-to-human conversations. The Golden Pup brightens hearts with its soft coat, and sensors that respond to human touch. If you listen very carefully you can actually hear its little doggie heartbeat.

Woman holding robot dog
The Joy for All Golden Pup.

This little dog brings smiles wherever he goes. The love and warmth  bring joy when it’s not possible to care for a live animal.

Elderly women enjoying the robot dog
This doggie brings out genuine smiles.

What do you do when you need to cuddle a dog, but it’s not longer a good idea to own a live dog? I have good news. THE ROBOTS ARE HERE, AND THEY’RE ADORABLE!

Most everyone loves dogs, but it’s not always a good idea for us seniors to have them. As robot interfaces get more sophisticated, we will see more and more of these companion animal robots coming onto the market.

Joy for All Cat Features
The sensors tell the cat to purr and meow.

Right now the Joy for All robots are the best you can get. They have soft fur, so they’re great for cuddling.

This little one comes in gray
This little one comes in gray
Petting the cat fur
Everyone loves petting the soft cat fur

If you’re not a dog person or just prefer cats, Joy for All gives you two robot companion choices.

Black and White Tabby Robot Cat
Black and White  Cat

The Companion Pet Cat is wonderfully soft and sweet. She purrs and meows when you pet her. Unlike “real cats,” she never gets overexcited and attacks your arm. The VibraPurr makes her feel extra real when she expresses joy over her human giving her love.

Everyone smiles when they pet these animals
Everyone smiles when they pet these animals

The Company Pet Kitten is a sweet little kitten with plush fur and VibraPurr technology. The kitten actually kneads when you pet her! Just like a real baby cat.

How to Buy a Joy For All Dog, Cat or Kitten

Orange robot cat licking paw
This orange kitty cleans itself

The Companion Dog, Cat and Kitten all come complete with batteries and instructions. There is no need for going walkies or getting a litter box. They bring joy to everyone who meets them.


The Joy for All kitten can knead its paws onto your skin just like a real kitten
The Joy for All kitten can knead its paws onto your skin just like a real kitten
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