Best Hearing Assistance Device for Mom

As we get older it gets harder to make out what people are saying in person and on TV. But it’s not always necessary to buy expensive hearing aids.

The Neosonic Hearing Amplifier is a simple but genius device that amplifies conversation without the need for a doctor’s visit for hearing aids that costs thousands of dollars. When Mom just needs a little help, the Neosonic sits comfortably around the neck to send amplified conversations directly into the ears.

This is the hearing amplifer devise that includes noise cancellation as well as conversation amplification. It’s also very comfortable to wear.

The Unique Remote Microphone Neosonic Hearing Device

neosonic hearing amplifierThe unique advantage of the Neosonic is that it includes a microphone to place near the speaker. The microphone picks up the spoken word closest to the microphone, and uses artificial intelligence to block out other “noise.”

The microphone wirelessly sends the voice signal to the neckband, which amplifies the voice for better hearing and understanding.

The microphone and receiver can be as far as 60 feet apart. The neck piece is an amplifier that only the wearer can hear.

neosonic hearing amplifier5The Neosonic is a Cost Effective Hearing Aid

While hearing aids from the doctor’s office cost thousands of dollars, the Neosonic is less than $200. You don’t even need to replace the batteries, because they recharge the same way you recharge your phone.

neosonic hearing amplifier2Buy the Neosonic Hearing Amplifier

Considering how affordable this device is, and it includes noise cancellation, it’s worth trying before seeing the doctor for expensive hearing aids. Check the Neosonic Hearing Amplifier price on Amazon.

Check the Neosonic Price

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