Recommended Lift Assist Recliner

Recommended Lift Chair

The Pulaski Montreal Piedra is the top pick for a combination recliner and chair lift device. This chair helps you to stand and to sit by lifting up and forward, and then down and back. This is the lift chair with the battery backup but sells at the price of a chair without one.

The Best Recliner Lift Chair to Help You Stand Up

Get a Chair with a Battery Backup

If you’ve shopped at all for a lift chair, you probably know by now that it’s not easy finding a battery-backup chair with a good reputation and a reasonable price.

Well I found one, and here it is: The Montreal Lift Chair:

Pulaski Montreal Lift Chair side storage pocket, chocolate brown
Pulaski Montreal Lift Chair side storage pocket, chocolate brown

This is the reasonably priced lift chair that does have a battery backup for power outages.

It’s hard enough for a healthy person to get out of a fully reclined chair.What would you do if you were in the fully reclined position and the power went out?

Would you be able to get up?

This question is why I think a battery backup is essential to any lift chair choice.

We’re seniors.We don’t jump out of awkward situations without risking our health.

The battery backup brings the seat back to the upright position.
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Get a Lift Chair with a Microfiber Covering

Pulaski Montreal Lift Chair foot rest is up, chocolate brown
The Montreal has a soft microfiber fabric.

I am against using PU (fake) Leather, Leather or Vinyl to cover a lift chair.

These chair coverings are slippery compared to microfiber.

The aim is stability.

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We want a covering with some grip.

The Pulaski Montreal Lift Chair is covered in a premium microfiber fabric that is soft and yet doesn’t slip.
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Pulaski Montreal Lift Chair foot rest is up, chocolate brown
  • Gently lifts you to help you stand up
  • Gently carries you to a sitting position
  • Has a battery backup so you don’t get stranded if the power goes out
  • Sells for less than most chairs in its class
  • Has soft but gripping microfiber fabric

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Pulaski Montreal Lift Chair sleep mode, chocolate brown
  • Reclines to a sleeping position
  • Reclines to any position from sitting up to lying down (“infinite” recline)
  • Two side pockets for chair and TV remotes

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Get the Right Size Lift Chair for You

Lift chair complaints are often about the chair size compared to the person using the chair.

The Pulaski Montreal is a good chair for people up to about 5 ft. 7 in. tall.

If you’re taller, you might be happier with the  Golden Technologies PR-501L Large Lift Chair. You can view and buy the Golden Chair at this link.
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Chair Load Capacity

This chair’s weight limit is 300 lb.

I also like the heavily padded spring coils. This kind of construction doesn’t sag with time.

Pulaski Montreal Lift Chair Dimensions, chocolate brown

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This Chair Sits Near a Wall

The chair needs about a foot of space between the back and the wall, so it can fully recline.

It’s not a “wall hugger,” but 12 in. is a respectably small distance for a full recline.

Pulaski Montreal Lift Chair foot rest is up, chocolate brown
  • This chair needs only 12 inches from the chair back to the wall
  • It’s not a wall hugger, but it’s close.

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Why You Should Buy the Montreal Lift Chair

  • the soft microfiber fabric covering grips and doesn’t slip
  • the battery backup allows the chair to return to normal during a power outage
  • the chair has pockets on both sides
  • the chair requires only 12 inches of space between the chair back and the wall
  • the chair is comfortable for people up to 5 ft. 7 in. tall

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Caution Before Buying

  • The assembly is just two pieces, but they’re bulky. This is true of any lift chair, you’re going to have to put together two bulky pieces, and you might need help.
  • Inquire exactly where the delivery will be. If it’s inside your home, fine. But if it’s outside your home, find out if they will bring it inside, or if you need to get a friend to help with that. Again, this is true for any lift chair you buy.
  • Never put a very heavy chair on a marble floor.

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