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Best Mobility Aids

How do you get someone who can’t walk from the bed to the bathroom? How do you get out of a chair when you can’t stand up? Mobility devices help you move around.

The part of me that loves exercise wants to avoid mobility devices. The part of me that dislikes pain when I move is very interested in ways to move around without hurting myself. I spent scores of hours reseaching the recommended mobility devices here to help you  narrow down your choices.

Stand, Sit, Climb, Floor Lift, and Bath Lowering Devices Buying Guide

Stand, Sit, Climb, Floor Lift, and Bath Lowering Devices Buying Guide

Carrying Mom from the bed to the bathroom can hurt you both. It's dangerous and awkward. It's time for devices ...
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Best soft seat stand-assist devices

Best Soft Seat Stand-Assist Devices

The Stand a Roo and the CouchCane are both excellent devices to help you stand up from a soft cushioned ...
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best chair sit stand assist

Best Hard Seat Stand-Assist Devices

I chose the Carex UpLift and the SitnStand devices as the best devices for help sitting down and standing up ...
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Best toilet assistance frame

Best Toilet Stand-Assist Devices for Mom

I definitely prefer the toilet frame design that sits on the floor, and not the one that sits on the ...
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Recommended Patient Transport

Best Patient Transfer Device

If the patient can pull herself up from a sitting position (or use a chair lift to do so) then ...
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Recliner lift chair

Best Recliner Lift Chair

I want to show you my favorite recliner lift chairs, but there's something we have to talk about first. Do ...
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