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Best Video Check-In Device

I know this is going to sound like an invasion of privacy, just hear me out. If you have a camera in Mom’s home, you don’t have to turn it on. You can leave it there for that one time she doesn’t pick up the phone.

A “drop in” device allows you to view remote video to check on your loved one. You can use Amazon’s Echo Show device to view your Mom’s home from your Echo Show or from a phone. If you’re worried about Mom’s privacy, turn off the system until that one emergency when you need to see how she’s doing.

When you setup this system, be aware that you have to give permission on Mom’s Echo Show for remote viewing. You’re the remove viewer and her device has to allow you to do that.

Top Remote Video Check-in Device

The Echo Show will be a video monitor at your mom or dad's house, but they can also use it to watch Netflix, ask for the weather, and listen to music
The Echo Show will be a video monitor at your mom or dad’s house, but they can also use it to watch Netflix, ask for the weather, and listen to music

Skip the Info, Buy the Echo Show

Making a video call on an Echo ShowUse this link to buy the Echo Show on Amazon.

Buy the Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show is the top pick for remotely monitoring a senior at home. Because privacy is always a concern, the senior can turn off your ability to see them. But if they’re sick or you’re worried about them, being able to remotely drop in might be a lifesaver for them, and it will ease your mind.

Doing a Video “Drop In”

The Echo Show has a feature that allows you to monitor a room over the internet. It’s called the “drop in” feature. Some people use it as a nanny cam too.

You put an Echo Show in every room you want to montor.

There’s a privacy setting so that your mom or dad can turn off the drop in feature.

How to Do a Video Drop In

Set up the video drop in on your phone
Set up the video drop in on your phone

In your mom or dad’s house, you need one Echo Show for each room you want to monitor.

On your end, you need an Echo Show, a cell phone, or a tablet to see what the Echo Show devices can see.

Both the Echo Show devices at the remote location and your Echo Show/Tablet/Phone need to be connected to the internet.

You can also use your Echo Show setup for real time video chatting.

I created an instruction page for you to set up your remote video drop in devices. Look at this article:  Instantly Look in on Mom or Dad from Anywhere.

Why You Want to Set Up an Echo Show Drop In Video Feed

  • The device allows you to instantly view your mom or dad
  • Your parent can turn the feature off if they want privacy
  • You can both see and hear what’s happening
  • This is helpful if you cannot be there in person, especially if they get sick.

Echo Show Drop In Cautions

You can see what the Echo Show can see. So you want to ensure that it is pointed where your parent normally is. You might need a few Echo Show devices to get good video coverage.

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