Recommended Tactile Bump Dots

Best Tactile Low Vision Bump Dots

Bump dots and tactile stickers allow you to create little rubber landmarks on objects around the house. Put these dots on oven knobs, TV remotes, and telephone buttons to find settings by touch. I’ve hand-selected some good bump dot choices for low-vision seniors.

Moveable Bump Dot Top Pick for Low Vision Seniors

The best bump dots are the MaxiAids Red & Orange Dots in small, medium, and large. There are  80 dots in each package. 

These dots give you a bright color as well as a rubber tactile indication of what you’re touching. You can use them on any clean and flat surface.

This package has 20 large, 30 medium, and 30 small dots. The small and medium dots are red. The large dots are orange.

Put them on light switches, oven dials, phone buttons, TV remotes, copiers, printers, and computer keyboards.

Why You Should Buy the MaxiAids Red & Orange Bump Dots

  • These dots are easy to apply
  • They stay where you put them
  • The dots are easy to remove
  • They have a good feel under the fingers
  • There are 80 of them in the package
  • They red and orange are both good contrast colors
  • You can use the different sizes to indicate different landmarks

MaxiAids Bump Dot Caution

The difference between the red and orange is not that great. Color blind and low-vision people might not be able to tell the difference.

How to Buy the MaxiAids Bump Dots

Orange and red bump dot stickers

Use this link to buy the MaxiAids Bump Dots on Amazon.
Buy the Bump Dots.

Multi-Shape Bump Dots Top Pick

5 Shapes Bump Dots
These dots come in square, round dimple, round full, round pointy, and small round.

The GorillaGrit Combo Pack Bump Dots are the best bump dots for low vision seniors needing shapes to identify different objects. These are the bump dots that come in five tactile shapes to better identify what you’re touching.

Why You Should Buy the GorillaGrit Combo Pack Bump Dots

You can use the different shapes to group settings on a machine. For example, let’s say you use two sets of settings to wash your clothes. Use one shape for the first group of settings, and another shape for the second group of settings.

Round Depressed Top Buttons:

  • Cold Wash
  • Cold Rinse
  • Light Tumble Dry

Square Buttons:

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  • Hot Water
  • Cold Rinse
  • Heavy Spin Dry

The shapes give you sets of instructions that you can make out with the sense of touch.

How to Buy the GorillaGrit Combo Pack Bump Dots

GorillaGrit multi-shape bump dots

Use this link to buy the Combo Pack Bump Dots on Amazon.
Buy the GorillaGrit

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