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Best magnifier floor stand top pick

Most of us struggle with vision as we get older. We buy readers and magnifying glasses just to read the mail. I hand picked these magnfying devices to help enlarge what we need to see as conveniently as possible.

Floor Stand Magnifier and Light Top Pick

Brightech magnifier in black
Brightech Lightview Pro with wheels, bright light, and a 4.5 in. diameter viewport

The best floor lamp with magnifier is the Brightech Lightview Pro. This is the magnifier that rolls on a wheel stand, has LED lights that don’t get hot, and a magnification factor of 1.75x or 2.25x.

The 1.75x magnification translates to a 13 in. range. The 2.25x magnfication translates to a 15 in. range.

Brightec Lightview Pro floor stand magnifier
White Brightec Lightview Pro Magnifier Light

The Brightech is a hugely popular portable lamp and magnifier useful for seeing sewing, reading, crafts, desk work, and puzzles. This lamp is suited for all kinds of detail work.

The Brightech Pro gives you hands-free light and magnification through a 4.5 in. diameter viewport. (The description on Amazon is incorrect in one spot. The diameter is 4.5 inches, not 3 inches).


Move the lamp where you need it using its 6-wheel base.

The viewport is genuine diopter glass. Lights made from plastic warp over time, so they lose their usefulness. The Brightech Pro LED lamps have a 20 year guarantee. The rest of the parts have a 3 year warranty. Brightech will help you troubleshoot any problems. If that doesn’t go well, they’ll send you a new lamp.

The LED lamp stays cool no matter how long you leave it on. The magnifying class is scratch-coated glass.

Why You Should Buy the Brightech Lightview Pro

Use the Brightech Lightview Pro for reading
Use the Brightech Lightview Pro for reading
  • You have both hands free to work using this light
  • This is a portable lamp with 6 wheels
  • You can use it to see sewing, detail work, and books
  • The magnification is large enough for lower vision people
  • The light is bright and can be adjusted downward
  • The LED lights stay cool
  • The glass is guaranteed and does not scratch
  • The gooseneck arm puts the magnifier where you need it

Brightech Lightview Pro Caution

The wheels could offer a bit more stability. Carefully hold the lamp when using its wheels to move it around.

Use the Brightech Lightview Pro for readingUse these links to buy the Brightech Lightview Pro on Amazon:

Buy the White 1.75x Mag
Buy the Black 1.75x Mag
Buy the White 2.25x Mag
Buy the Black 2.25x Mag

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