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    These are the products from the article 10 Ways to Safely Climb Stairs, Get Into the Bath, Get off the Floor, Walk, Sit and Stand

    Carrying Mom from the bed to the bathroom can hurt you both. It’s dangerous and awkward. It’s time for devices to help Mom get up, climb up, stand up and sit down.

    Product Selection Process

    I picked only devices with very high consumer ratings and high quality components. I leaned toward devices with YouTube demonstrations. I also gave extra weight to devices you could buy from multiple stores in order to get the best price.

    Use This Chair to Safely Get Mom Down the Stairs in an Emergency

    There are two ways to get Mom down the stairs in an emergency.

    A fully electric solution (see below) requires no caregiver help, and is about the price of a new car.

    An electric stair chair does most of the work, and costs in the thousands (and still requires one caregiver).

    The cheapest option is a two-caregiver carrying chair. I used to recommend a stair chair on Amazon, but there are none on that platform right now that I recommend.

    Use this Automated Stair Chair to Get Mom Down or Up the Stairs, Not Just in Emergencies

    vinmax stair chair

    The best part about the VinMax is that it is an easy way to help Mom get up the stairs.

    The VinMax Stair Chair uses a track system to do most of the work.

    fei stair chair track5

    The caregiver doesn’t have to be strong, either. She just guides the chair in the right direction. The tracks do the real work.

    They’re like the tread you see on a tank, except they’re much smaller. They bridge the distance between steps, making it a smooth ride rather than a climb.

    To use the VinMax, strap Mom into the chair and turn on the power. Guide the chair to the steps. The track slowly glides down the stairs at a safe 8/10 of a meter per second.

    The rechargeable battery can climb 80 floors on one charge. The chair folds up for easy storage.

    This is the chair I’d get my Mom to make sure she’s safe on the stairs.

    Check the price using the button. At the time of publication, Scooters ‘n Chairs had the VinMax under the FEI name brand for less money than the VinMax on Amazon.

    Check the Price on Scooters ‘n Chairs (FEI Stair Chair)

    Check the Price on Amazon (VinMax Stair Chair)

    Triumph Over Stairs, Hills, and Sand Using this All Terrain Transport Wheelchair (and Stair Chair)

    Foldawheel 4×4 Stair Chair


    I can walk and I want one of these. The Foldawheel 4×4 is a stair climbing, beach combing, hill conquering, and gyro balanced luxury ride.

    It’ll get Mom up the stairs, down the stairs, to the beach, up the mountain, and through a snowstorm.


    This chair easily steps up curbs in town and dunes at the beach.

    The lights are easily visible on the road. If you’re the caregiver, you can ride along on the back.

    The 4×4 has a footrest, a headrest, armrests, and a big comfortable seat.

    Get it for the stairs, but use it to help Mom get her life back.

    Pneumatic tires are optional. Quality of life improvement is included.

    Check the Price on Foldawheel 4×4 Stair Chair


    Help Mom Walk with this Gait Belt

    Vive Gait Belt

    vive gait belt2

    A gait belt is a belt Mom wears around the waist to give you something to hang onto while you’re helping her walk.

    I like the Vive Padded Gait Belt for several reasons.

    It’s padded so it’s comfortable.

    vive gait belt4

    It has strong handles on both sides, allowing two people to help her walk.

    And it has leg straps (which are optional when wearing the belt). The leg straps prevent sliding by preventing the belt from riding up.

    vive gait belt5

    For the same price as a regular gait belt, the Vive adds in comfort and safety.

    Check the Price on Vive Gait Belt

    Check the Price on Amazon Vive Gait Belt

    Check the Price on HPFY Vive Gait Belt

    Lift Mom from the Bed or Chair Using this Nurse’s Sling

    Amphiaraus Nurse’s Sling

    nursing sling lift

    This is the nurse’s sling that lets you transfer as much as 220 lb. on the bed or in a chair.

    Use this to transfer Mom between the wheelchair and the bed.

    AMPHIARAUS nurse sling5

    It’s padded, strong and large.

    This sling is almost 3 ft. long and is over 9 inches tall.

    The surface area spreads the load over a wide area. That makes lifting easier.

    The material wraps around your patient, giving her a sense of security too.

    Check the Price on Amazon Amphiaraus Nurse’s Sling

    Help Mom Get from the Floor to the Chair without Breaking Your Back or Hers

    Raizer Lift

    raizer lift assist

    If you’re struggling as a caregiver to get Mom off the floor without killing yourself, you need to see the Raizer Lift chair.

    This is the device that requires no strength from you or Mom.

    raizer lift assist3

    Put the motor under her legs and the board under her back.

    The motor and board slowly lift to form a seat, with Mom sitting comfortably on it.

    The only safer way for you both to get her off the floor is to use a hydraulic lift.

    The Raizer is small enough to store in a closet.

    It is simple to use and impossible to assembly incorrectly.

    This is the safe way to get Mom off the floor.

    Check the Price on Amazon Raizer Lift

    Give this to Mom so She Can Lift Herself Up in Bed

    Vive Ladder Assist

    vive bed ladder assist

    The Vive Ladder Assist locks onto the bottom of the bed frame. The top goes up by Mom in bed.

    When she is ready to sit up, she uses the Assist for leverage.

    As she grabs the next rung, she gets closer to being upright.

    vive bed ladder assist2

    If Mom has enough strength to pull herself up like this, then the Vive Ladder Assist is an easy but effective tool to help her get up.

    Check the Price on Amazon Vive Ladder Assist

    Don’t Buy a Bed Rail Before Reading this Warning

    Safe Bed Rails

    Did you know that bed rails can kill?

    The old-fashioned head-to-toe bed rails make sense when the patient is sane and lucid.

    The problem is when the patient doesn’t have sense to respect the rail.

    People have tried to get out of bed through and over bed rails.

    The results have been horrible.

    The only safe bed rail is one that can be defeated. I know this sounds weird, but hear me out.

    If you don’t want Mom getting out of bed, you need a bed alarm.

    A bed railing is just an unsafe obstacle.

    If she tries to climb over it, should could kill herself.

    rms dual bed rail3

    Here are two safe bedrails that do make sense are safe.

    For twin and double beds, use a rail that goes all the way under the mattress to the other side.

    The mattress gives it stability.

    lumarail bed assist rail

    For queen and king beds, the mattress portion gets too long.

    Stander Bed Rail Advantage Traveler - Portable Folding Travel Bed Rail 5

    In this case, you want a rail that goes half under the mattress and has feet.

    MOBB Healthcare Fall Prevention Bed Assist Rail2

    I chose several bed rails that will work depending on the size of your bed.

    Check the Price on Amazon of the RMS Dual Bed Rail for Twin and Full Beds

    Check the Price on Senior of the Standard Portable Bed Rail for any size bed

    Check the Price on Senior of the MOBB Bed Assist Rail for any size bed

    Check the Price on Amazon of the LumaRail Bed Assist Rail for any size bed (comes with free light)

    Let Mom Have a Real Bath Even if Her Knees Won’t Bend

    Tranquilo Bath Lift

    So many accidents happen in the bathroom. Tripping on rugs is the worst cause. Bathtubs aren’t far behind. Getting in a bathtub is hard on a good day. When the knees don’t work, it’s even harder.

    The Tranquilo Premium Bath Lift gently lowers Mom into the tub. She stays in the Tranquilo seat as she bathes. When she’s ready to get up, the seat raises as high as 21 inches to the height of the bathtub wall.

    This is the bathtub lift that is a transfer bench and bath chair as well as a lifting and lowering chair.

    Mom can use it by herself without help from a caregiver.

    This is especially helpful if Mom has not wanted to bathe. It could be that she’s fearful of falling.

    The Tranquilo makes it easy to take a bath.

    Check the Price on Amazon Tranquilo Bath Lift

    Check the Price on Senior Lumex Splash Lift

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