A pendant button and the mobile devices it activates

The MobileHelp Mobile Duo Medical Alert

The MobileHelp Mobile Duo medical alert is a discounted package that contains two of MobileHelp's Solo medical alert packages. It comes with two mobile medical alert and two pendant buttons. It does not include a base station for home use. You have coverage at home so long as you carry the pendant or mobile device with you.
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Push the button on the mobile device or the pendant.

The MobileHelp Solo Medical Alert

  • Communication Pendant
  • Signal Pendant
  • Signal Wrist
  • Fall Detection
  • Location Detection
The MobileHelp Solo is a mobile-only medical alert. It does not have a home base station.
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MobileHelp Home Away Duo Medical Alert

The MobileHelp Duo Medical Alert

The MobileHelp Duo medical alert includes both a home base station and a mobile communication device. Both devices give you two-way communication with MobileHelp's care center.
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