Grandma Gifts

Grandma Gift Finder

The ultimate grandma gift is this robot pet cat. All the affection, none of the poop or allergies ...
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Best shower chair or bench for seniors

Best Shower Chairs for Seniors

The best shower chairs include a simple seat, one with arms, one with a back and arms, and a bench ...
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The Tushy Spa Bidet makes it easy to wash after using the toilet

Best Bidets (to Wash and Prevent Falls)

If you dropped chocolate pudding on the floor, would you clean it up with a dry tissue? Of course not! ...
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Best activities of daily living products

Best Activities of Daily Living Devices for Seniors

The best devices and products for dressing, eating and washing ...
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Best Fall Prevention Books & Info

Best Fall Prevention Books & Info

Books that give you a checklist of why, how and what to change in your home to prevent falling ...
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Best toilet assistance frame

Best Toilet Stand-Assist Devices

I definitely prefer the toilet frame design that sits on the floor, and not the one that sits on the ...
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Have some dog fur

Best Cordless Vacuums for Seniors 2021

The best cordless vacuums for seniors in 2021 are the Tineco S12 Pure One, the Simplicity S65, and the WOMOW ...
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The mop slides into place

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Seniors

Easily my favorite robot vacuum is the Roborock S5 with built-in mop and amazing carpet results. I have been using ...
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Best Tactile Low Vision Bump Dots

Best Tactile Bump Dots

Bump dots and tactile stickers allow you to create landmarks around the house. Put them on oven knobs and TV ...
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Recommended Pill Caddy

Best Use of Echo show as Medication Reminder

Use the Echo Show as an automated medication reminder device. Program it for as many times per day as you ...
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Best video drop in

Best Video Check-In Device

A caregiver can use Amazon Echo Show to remotely monitor their patient at home ...
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Recommended Patient Transport

Best Patient Transfer Device

If the patient can pull herself up from a sitting position (or use a chair lift to do so) then ...
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Recliner lift chair

Best Recliner Lift Chair

I want to show you my favorite recliner lift chairs, but there's something we have to talk about first. Do ...
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Recommended companionship products and links

Best Robot Stuffed Doggie to Keep Mom or Dad Company

The best robotic dog to give seniors a sense of love and comfort is the Joy for All  Companion Pet ...
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Recommended remote lock

Best Way to View the Front Door and Control the Lock from Anywhere

An easy way to beef up home security is to install a remote control keyless lock ...
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Recommended Heart Devices

Best Heart Monitors

The Pulsebit-EX scans for multiple arrhythmia patterns. It stores history for two users. It allows you to measure with your ...
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best hearing help

Best Hearing Aids

Bose Hearphones are just like any other earbuds, with one wonderful exception. These earbuds help you to understand conversations ...
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Best magnifier floor stand top pick

Best Floor Lamp Vision Magnifier

My favorite magnifier floor lamp is the Brightech Lightview Pro. This is the magnifier that rolls on a wheel stand, ...
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Best pulse oximeters

Best Pulse Oximeter for COVID-19 & Apnea Monitoring

Low blood oxygen (hypoxemia) is a significant indicator of COVID-19 infection. These pulse oximeters can be your safety net to ...
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The Tineco Pure One S12 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best Cordless Vac: Check out this Excellent Cordless Vac for Seniors

The Tineco S12 and S12 Plus beat the pants off Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners. The S12 vacuums are lightweight, solid, ...
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Best soft seat stand-assist devices

Best Soft Seat Stand-Assist Devices

The Stand a Roo and the CouchCane are both excellent devices to help you stand up from a soft cushioned ...
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best chair sit stand assist

Best Hard Seat Stand-Assist Devices

I chose the Carex UpLift and the SitnStand devices as the best devices for help sitting down and standing up ...
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Best weighted blanket for seniors

The Best Weighted Blanket for Seniors

The best weighted blanket for seniors is the Mosaic Navy Minky Weighted Blanket in either the "throw" or the "twin" ...
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best cleaning help

Best Cleaning Products

How to find cleaning devices that we can use with arthritis, weakness, and ailments of being older ...
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Best Emotional Assistance Products

Best Emotional Assistance Products

Best products to help seniors with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other emotional needs ...
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Best breathing help

Best Air Cleaners

The Mooka True Hepa+ Air Purifier is the best air purifier for medium size rooms up to 540 sf. This ...
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Best memory aids

Best Memory Aids

We always say we're going to "write it down," but somehow that doesn't seem to happen. Here are hand-picked memory ...
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best mobility aids

Best Mobility Aids

Mobility devices help you get from Point A to Point B. They include canes, walkers, rollators and scooters. I spent ...
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best security ideas

Best Security Products

Good security is something you hope you never need, but you're grateful if you need it and do have it.  ...
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best health monitors

Best Health Monitors

It's easier than ever to monitor heart health from home. Measure heart rhythm, heart rate, and blood oxygen with high-quality ...
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best vision help

Best Vision Assistance Devices

The best devices to enhance failing vision ...
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best not falling help

Best Fall Prevention Products

I spent hours finding the best products to prevent falls in the bathroom and the rest of the house ...
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Best TV remote for low vision users.

Best Large Button TV Remotes

You don't need great vision to see the huge buttons on these remote TV controls ...
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Best book reader for seniors needing large print

The Best Book Reader for Seniors Needing Large Print

I found two outstanding book readers for older eyes and shorter patience. Their fonts are big and they are simple ...
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The Tineco Pure One S12 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best Cordless Vac 2020: Yes, the Tineco Pure One S12 the Best Cordless Vacuum of 2020.

The Tineco S12 has the longest battery life and best suction of any cordless vacuum today. It has two motors, ...
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