Vision Assistance for Independent Seniors

Large print bible

The Giant List of Large Print Bibles for Low Sight Seniors

This is probably the largest list of large print bibles ever collected. All bibles in this list use large type ...
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Microwave bump dots

What are Tactile, Low-Vision, Non-Optical Devices?

Tactile devices allow you to use your sense of touch to landmark where you are. For example, "bump dots" are ...
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Floor stand magnifier for reading

What are the Magnifier Choices for Reading?

A hands-free lighted magnifier allows you to hold the book while getting magnification and light for reading. Both floor stand ...
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More Memory Aid Information

Best Use of Echo show as Medication Reminder

Recommended Pill Caddy
Use the Echo Show as an automated medication reminder device. Program it for as many times per day as you ...
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Best Memory Aids

Best memory aids
We always say we're going to "write it down," but somehow that doesn't seem to happen. Here are hand-picked memory ...
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Four Outstanding Ways to Use Alexa for the Elderly

Instantly drop in on mom
Taking care of Mom or Dad is by far the hardest and most important job we have. But it's hard, ...
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