Senior Vision
Large print bible

The Giant List of Large Print Bibles for Low Sight Seniors

This is probably the largest list of large print bibles ever collected. All bibles in this list use large type to make them easier to read. Choose from hundreds of bible versions.
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Best Tactile Low Vision Bump Dots

Recommended Tactile Bump Dots

Bump dots and tactile stickers allow you to create landmarks around the house. Put them on oven knobs and TV remotes to mark specific settings. Here are some of the best bump dots and tactile stickers we've found.
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Best magnifier floor stand top pick

Recommended Vision Magnifiers

Most of us struggle with vision as we get older. We buy readers and magnifying glasses just to read the mail. I hand picked these magnfying devices to help enlarge what we need to see as conveniently as possible.
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Recommended eReaders for Seniors with Low Vision Needing Large Print

Recommended Electronic Book Readers

Seniors needing large print to read can use an electronic reader to adjust the font to a larger size. This can eliminate the need for glasses and magnifiers.
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Best TV remote for low vision users.

Recommended Large Button TV Remotes

You don't need great vision to see the huge buttons on these remote TV controls.
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iPad 12.9 inch "reading now"

The Best Book Reader for Seniors Needing Large Print

I found two outstanding book readers for older eyes and shorter patience. Their fonts are big and they are simple to operate.
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Microwave bump dots

What are Tactile, Low-Vision, Non-Optical Devices?

Tactile devices allow you to use your sense of touch to landmark where you are. For example, "bump dots" are small pieces of plastic you attach to the phone, oven, or similar device. You put the dots on dial settings. Then use your sense of touch to turn the dial to the desired setting. 
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Floor stand magnifier for reading

What is the Best Magnifier for Reading Books?

The best magnifier has significant magnification, good lighting, and let's you read hands-free. Both floor stand and desktop magnifiers work for reading.
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