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The Giant List of Large Print Bibles for Low Sight Seniors

People who lose vision get depressed because they lose their favorite activities. For many people, their favorite activity is reading the bible. A Book Magnifier and more light can help.  However, one of the easiest solutions is to get a Large Print Bible.

This is probably the largest list of Large Print Bibles ever collected. All bibles in this list use large type to make them easier to read. Choose from hundreds of bible versions.

I am relying on the publishers’ descriptions that these are, in fact, Large Print books. There’s always a possibility either they got it wrong or I made a mistake. If your bible’s print is not large enough, you have several options to remedy the problem. Amazon returns are easy.  Another option is to use one of the many book magnifiers I describe here.

Reading the bible is one of the biggest comforts in some people’s lives. It’s my genuine hope that the giant list of Large Print Bibles gives your patient joy and peace. Enjoy!

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  • Baptist
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • English Standard Version
  • Methodist

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