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Best Fall Prevention Products

26% of household falls occur in the bathroom (source). Sitting down, standing up, and tripping over the carpet are three of the dangers. Most falls occur in the home. Here are strategies to prevent that from happening.

Best shower chair or bench for seniors
The best shower chairs include a simple seat, one with arms, one with a back and arms, and a bench ...
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Best Fall Prevention Books & Info
Books that give you a checklist of why, how and what to change in your home to prevent falling ...
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Best soft seat stand-assist devices
The Stand a Roo and the CouchCane are both excellent devices to help you stand up from a soft cushioned ...
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best chair sit stand assist
I chose the Carex UpLift and the SitnStand devices as the best devices for help sitting down and standing up ...
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The Tushy Spa Bidet makes it easy to wash after using the toilet
If you dropped chocolate pudding on the floor, would you clean it up with a dry tissue? Of course not! ...
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Best toilet assistance frame
I definitely prefer the toilet frame design that sits on the floor, and not the one that sits on the ...
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Recliner lift chair
I want to show you my favorite recliner lift chairs, but there's something we have to talk about first. Do ...
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